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This site implements these UK Government recommendations for Access Keys:

  • S - Skips main navigation menus ( for text browser users )
  • 3 - Site map
  • 0 - Access key details ( shows this page )

Access Key Usage

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  • Text browser users can use the 'S' access key to skip the navigation menus and go straight to the page content.

New properties

Shops To Rent on Tregenna Hill, St Ives

We are currently marketing 2 side-by-side properties on Tregenna Hill, St Ives. They are in a prominent, mid-terraced, town centre retail location and benefit from high pedestrian footfall. Nearby occupiers include a range of local, independent retailers as well as numerous national chains and boutiques with many jewellery shops, art galleries, gift shops in addition to a wealth of pubs, coffee shops and restaurants. Both properties offer retail space on the ground floor with kitchenette and separate office/store area above. They are available separately or together.

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