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8th November, 2019

A typical day in the office for Woody

Life can be pretty interesting at Miller Commercial especially when I get to go out on site inspections, all those new smells, but I also like snoozing in the office in my bed by the French doors.

I was asked to describe a typical day in the office and that normally starts at about 5:00 am when my dad (he looks nothing like me) takes me for a walk and then gives me my breakfast.  We then head into the office and I get to sit in the boot of the car and look out at the world passing by, sometimes really fast, which can be both exciting and scary at the same time.

We then walk to the office but I hate it when we get to Mansion House as dad has to disable the alarm which makes a hell of a racket. Once inside I run up to the top floor 2 or 3 steps at a time and then have a good sniff around to see if one of my work colleagues might just have dropped something in the kitchen for me to eat. They quite often hide their lunch in their bags but I am pretty good at tasting it for them if they leave it within reach.

Everyone is so friendly at Miller Commercial, they made me feel really welcome from day 1, but not all of them feed me even when I give them "the look". I have been able to inspect offices and industrial buildings but am told I can't go into shops as I am not a blind dog! I don't think I have ever met a blind dog. I have even inspected a flooded office which smelt really interesting but I always seem to get pulled away just when I want to lick the carpet.

Lunchtimes are the best time of day as my friends often slip me bits of their food although I sometimes think they feed me the bits they don't like.  I have been told off for eating some things but don't really understand why. Almost every day we go to a coffee shop so dad can read his book but they give me dog biscuits anyway so I don't mind.

The afternoon is pretty much like the morning, people rushing around playing on a strange box called a computer. I get to go for another walk most afternoons and when I get back I have a snack and a snooze. Almost before I know it I am is time to go home but my bed is so lovely and warm quite often I pretend I haven't heard the command.

I have advised on some valuations and rent reviews as well as property management inspections and if I wag my tail a lot that shows how good I think the building is. I have a unique perspective on life but when your head is only 2 feet off the ground you can't help but look at things from an alternative view point.

Life isn't boring at Miller Commercial I just wish we had more snacks and less rushing about but I expect to be back tomorrow or if not then the next day.
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