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Will Duckworth joins Miller Commercial

2nd October, 2020

Will Duckworth has joined Miller Commercial's Commercial Agency Department as a Senior Commercial Surveyor.

Will has an extensive career in the commercial property sector having worked both locally in Cornwall and in Bristol with commercial corporate JLL prior to joining Miller Commercial. Will, who was educated in Truro, lives in St Austell and has a keen interest in football, cricket and surfing.

He commented: ‘I have long been aware of the excellent reputation Miller Commercial has in the South West commercial property sector so I am delighted to be joining such a forward thinking company, particularly during what are transitional times for the commercial sector.’

Tom Smith, Head of Commercial Agency at Miller Commercial commented: ‘My colleagues and I are extremely pleased to have Will on board as part of our team. His experience and knowledge will be invaluable to our clients and he joins us at a time when the commercial market is witnessing a surge in interest, particularly in the industrial, secondary retail and office sectors.’


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A decade of market leading commercial property advice

12th August, 2020

Miller Commercial are proud to have been recognised as Cornwall’s leading commercial property agency for the tenth year in a row by EGi, the largest property news provider and data analyst.

This award is recognition of the tireless work put in across our two agency teams and the energy and enthusiasm shown by our staff to year-on-year drive business sales, new commercial leases and property and land sales across the whole of Cornwall and into Devon.

Thomas Smith, Head of Commercial Agency commented, “This award is an acknowledgement of the dedication of the whole staff at Miller Commercial to provide market leading commercial real estate services and highlights the strength of the company to be able to advise a wide range of clients from business owners to private investors, developers to fund managers through a time that has seen challenges to the commercial sector like never before”.

If we can be of help our team would be delighted to talk to you.  Call us on 01872 247000 or email

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Woody in his Coronavirus hazmat suit!

3rd July, 2020

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Business Rates Revaluation Postponed until 2022

18th May, 2020

The Communities Secretary Rt Honourable Robert Jenrick MP has announced that a revaluation of Business Rates will no longer take place in 2021 to help reduce uncertainty for firms affected by the impacts of Coronavirus.  He said:

We have listened to businesses and their concerns about the timing of the 2021 Business Rates revaluation and have acted to end that uncertainty by postponing the change.”

On the face of it this seems a positive step by the Government but I cannot but help recall the words of Professor Graham Zellick CBE QC just after he retired from his role as President of the Valuation Tribunal for England when he said “The rating system is bonkers”.  His words brought back a distant echo of the Late Lord Denning when he uttered that in his opinion “The Law is an ass”.

Quite simply I do not see this statement by Robert Jenrick as positive but possibly bonkers and just maybe a little asinine.  We are in the midst of a crisis of which we have never seen the like and rather than defer the revaluation by one year the Government should have taken the step of confirming that they were accelerating the fundamental overhaul of the whole business rates system.  It is almost certain that the country will emerge from the Coronavirus crisis in an economic recession which is probably going to be global in scale and the existing business rates regime should be scrapped and replaced with one which reduces the overall burden on businesses and is simple to follow and easy to appeal.  The Government amended the system a few years ago to introduce “Check, Challenge, Appeal” and quite simply that has not worked.

What this deferral appears to do is kick the can down the road for a little longer.  It seems inequitable that businesses should be rated on assessments based on the 2019 economy albeit 12 months further on from April 2022.  The Government at the very least should advise businesses that the revaluation (antecedent) date will be April 2021 when we will be able to gauge some of the fallout from the Coronavirus chaos.

Let us be clear, Business Rates is about raising money, it is a tax and the principles of a good tax should be:

  • Fairness

  • Cost

  • Convenience

  • Certainty

My advice to Rt Honourable Robert Jenrick is be bold, scrap the existing system and engage with businesses to agree a fairer method of taxing them.

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Donation to Captain Tom

20th April, 2020

The Partners of Commercial Property Consultancy Miller Commercial have joined the many supporters of Captain Tom Moore by donating over £1,000 to his NHS Charities Together fundraising campaign.  Between them the 4 Partners have 6 family members working in or for the NHS so have first hand experience of just how dedicated the NHS staff are to caring for the sick and injured.  Commenting on the exploits of Captain Tom, who has currently raised over £21 million, Miller Commercial Partner Brian Botting said “ it is amazing how something so simple as walking around his garden has captured the imagination of the entire world.  Captain Tom is truly a hero many times over and we could not let this pass without honouring his tremendous effort at 99 years of age.  I hope he enjoys his 100th birthday at the end of the month”

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Coronavirus and Government Announcements - An update for our many tenants, owners, landlords and potential buyers in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors

19th March, 2020

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced on Tuesday evening (March 17th) that all retail, hospitality and leisure sector firms will be exempt from paying business rates for 12 months in a bid to help ease the financial damage caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

In the budget the Chancellor had already announced that all hospitality and retail businesses with a rateable value of less than £51000 will be eligible for 100% rate discount for 12 months. This has now been extended to firms of any size as the government seeks to help protect high street and hospitality sector businesses and jobs.

Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors operating from premises with a rateable value of between £15000 and £51000 will be able to access grants of £25000.

Grants to small businesses eligible for Small Business Rate Relief have increased from £3000 to £10000.

It was also confirmed that the government advice to avoid pubs, clubs and theatres etc.. is sufficient for businesses to claim on their insurance where they have appropriate business interruption cover for pandemics in place.

Just as this article goes on to our website on Thursday afternoon (March 19th) the government have also confirmed that interest rates have been cut from 0.25% to 0.1% - the lowest in the Bank of England’s 325 year history.

Mike NightingaleMike Nightingale, partner at Miller Commercial, commented : ‘These measures, including today’s interest rate cut, will be very welcome news for our many owners and tenants who operate in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Lots of people in Cornwall and the South West are employed in the leisure and hospitality sectors so hopefully these moves will not only help protect businesses but those who work within them.

At Miller Commercial we remain fully operational, with most of our staff already set up to work from home, and are available to provide help and advice where we can. Please call us on 01872 247000 or email us via ‘


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Thinking of Selling Your Business in 2020?

14th February, 2020

We are off to a great start to 2020. Speaking to fellow professionals within our industry; Accountants, Solicitors, Surveyors, Valuers and Lenders, there certainly seems more optimism about the forthcoming year which is evidenced by recent viewing activity and offers across all sectors.

We cover Cornwall and Devon in the sale of both businesses and commercial property, are therefore feeling optimistic about the forthcoming year.

We would be delighted to come and visit you at your business to provide a Free Market Appraisal in complete confidence. You can contact us on 01872 247036, or via our personal contact details at the end of this article.

Featured Completed Deals

Leisure Sector
Screech Owl Wildlife Park, St Columb
Guide Price £975,000
One of Cornwall's multi Award Winning, well known and loved tourist attractions


Guest House/Hotel Sector
The Watermark, Looe
Guide Price £800,000
Award winning coastal guesthouse


Licensed Sector
The Five Pilchards, Porthallow
Guide Price £395,000
Coastal freehouse


Why choose us?
We believe we have an unrivalled level of knowledge of the market in Cornwall and the South West, having established strong working links with all the principle Lenders, Brokers, Solicitors, Surveyors, Accountants and Business Advisors through our networking activity. We are in tune with the market and upon securing an offer for your business, we have all the skills to progress to a successful sale and completion. Our Business Transfer Team has over 60 years of combined experience covering the South West.

Please contact Graham Timmins on 01872 247019 / for further information

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8 Top tips to help you sell your business in 2020

14th February, 2020

1. Be prepared for your buyer: Make sure you have all the relevant information and documentation ready for a buyer. Ensure your accounts are up to date, you have a valid EPC and that copies of Licences and Planning Permissions are readily available.

Why? If a buyer has to wait weeks for this they are likely to look elsewhere.

2. Invest in your sale: Make sure that the first impression you give is the right one.

Ensure front doors get a lick of paint, repairs are up to date and the business is well presented.

Why? Flaking paint and potholes in the car park are a red flag to a buyer!

3. Presentation matters: There are 1,000's of businesses available online - make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

Consider professional photography and floor plans as these can make a huge difference to the number of enquiries you get.

Why? You want buyers to view your business.

4. Timing: It helps buyers to see your business at its best, which is often when you are busy.

Plan ahead and be organised; commence marketing ahead of the season.

Why? Buyers will be actively looking at this time of year with a view to completing before the summer.

5. Be committed to selling: Try to be as flexible as you can about viewings (many buyers will travel hundreds of miles to see your business); be sure to give a buyer your time and attention.

Why? You might not get a second chance.

6. Be realistic about price: Be cautious about using an agent who produces the highest valuation and has no proven track record. You want to market at a price that attracts buyers.

Why? You want to get people through the door.

7. Work with your agent: Pick an agent you feel you can work with and who understands you and your business.

Why? Selling is a people business so go with an agent who you can trust.

8. Be patient: Businesses can take longer to sell than houses so be patient and work with your agent to keep the business fresh and attractive.

Why choose Miller Commercial to sell your business?

• A proven track record of business transfer sales
• A highly experienced and knowledgeable team
• Extensive marketing of your business
• Contacts and investors looking to buy
• High levels of personal service
• A database of proceedable buyers
• Cornwall’s most active commercial agent nine years running
• Experienced valuation experts within the company
• A team of professionals you can trust

And to back this up here are some of the businesses we have recently sold....

For help and advice about selling your business please contact Beverly Northey on 01872 247031 / email


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The ‘Reality’ of a lifestyle change…

4th February, 2020

It seems that every time we turn on our TV these days we are bombarded by some form of ‘reality TV’, with daytime and evening schedules now crammed full of ways to improve your health, avoid cowboy builders and become a popstar, (albeit not necessarily all at once!).

Promoting the idea that happiness can be achieved through surgical procedures, fad diets or emigrating  is little more than an outlandish way to boost ratings, however, there are some programmes that take a (theoretically), less ‘sensationalist’ approach…

For most of us, (especially those of us working in a ‘Corporate’ environment), our work life balance is something we would love to improve, affording us more time with family and friends and less time behind a desk. Who doesn’t aspire to a ‘better quality of life’?

Perhaps it is not surprising then that an increasing number of these programmes are now focusing on how much better life would be if we simply ‘up sticks and move’…with a myriad of increasingly youthful presenters encouraging us to ‘Escape to the Country’…’Build a New Life in Country’…or, for the really adventurous, start ‘A new Life Down Under’.

Retiring to a quieter part of the world is something that many of us think about doing ‘one day’, (usually with the luxury of being mortgage free with a pension),  but what are your options if you want to DO IT NOW?

The likelihood is that you would need to find, not only a home, but a new way of life.

If you are looking to ditch the monotony of the ‘9-5’ and the drudgery of the endless daily commute in favour of being your own boss in a beautiful part of the world then NOW is as good a time as any…and we can help!

We currently have a huge range of business opportunities across the whole of Devon and Cornwall; from seasonal holiday parks to high street retail, traditional pubs to beachfront cafes.


Here are just a few of the opportunities we currently have available …..


For further advice about buying a business, give me a call…

Beverly Northey

01872 247031


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UK Pub Sector expands for first time since 2009

17th January, 2020

Since 2009 pubs across the UK have been closing at a rate of around 700 per year.

However in 2019 this decline abruptly stopped.

Latest figures however from the National Statistics (ONS) show in 2019 an annual net gain of 320 pubs across the UK.

So is there a local rise in the popularity of pub ownership?

Licensed Trade Specialist, Paul Collins of Miller Commercial’s Business Transfer Department thinks there is:

“The interest in Licensed premises that we saw in 2019, has continued into 2020, which very much supports the figures from the ONS.  Miller Commercial Sold and Let a number of pubs and bars in 2019 to a mix of both experienced hospitality professionals and first time entrants to the trade.  In each transaction it was apparent to me that the new owners / operators are looking to refocus these venues as the social hub within their given communities, be this a traditional village Inn or town centre venue.

One of the most important aspects to the success of many of these ventures is the need to embrace rapidly changing dining habits with the growth in Veganism, Gluten Free dining and of course the desire for customers to understand the provenance of their food.”

“We have recently been instructed to manage the portfolio of Keltek Cornish Brewery who have several pubs within the county and on each occasion that we have advertised the availability of one of these pubs to lease we have been very pleasantly surprised at the volume of enquiries we have received.  Indeed, it would be fair to say that the demand for pubs on both a freehold and leasehold basis is at it’s highest level for several years”

For advice on buying or selling a pub you can reach Paul Collins on 07841 4230858 or via

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Superb Investment Opportunity to Acquire Award Winning Holiday Homes

7th January, 2020

A group of 12 award winning modern contemporary designed holiday homes located in a secluded and idyllic cliffside position at Porthtowan on the north Cornish coast have become available at a collective price of £3m with an option for individual homes to be purchased for prices starting at £250k.

Known as Towan Valley, the holiday homes sleep between four and eight people in style and comfort, with most of the homes having hot tubs.

Partner Peter Heather, who is managing the sale, commented, "We have seen a growth in demand for high class holiday homes in Cornwall and Towan Valley represents a superb investment opportunity with anticipated yields in 2020 ranging from £22k to £38k per home."

For further information or to arrange a viewing please contact Peter Heather on 01872 247007 or Thomas Hewitt on 01872 247025.

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3 Leading Tourist Attractions Sold in 6 Months!

23rd December, 2019

Miller Commercial have sold 3 well known leading Leisure attractions in the past 6 months, Dairyland, Screech Owl Sanctuary and Springfields Fun Park, coincidentally all within a few miles' radius of one another!

Graham Timmins (Head of Business Transfer) and Peter Heather were involved in the marketing and sale of these businesses, ranging up to £2 million, all of which attracted significant interest from within and out of the County, such is the huge demand for Leisure businesses, particularly those that have further development potential.

Graham commented, "In my 17 years at Miller Commercial this is a standout moment, to complete on not one but three businesses of this type is unprecedented and underlines our ability in Valuing, Marketing and Selling in this challenging market."

If you, or a client has a Leisure business they would like valuing (in complete confidence) please contact Graham on direct line 01872 247019, or

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Our Active Graduate Programme Update

22nd November, 2019

As part of our commitment to professional standards, Zoey Collis and Jonny Bright are being funded through their Msc with the University College of Estate Management. After starting their studies in early September, they are both thrilled to have recently passed their first assignment in the ‘Valuations & Ethics’ module. They were required to produce a Valuation Report on a modern office suite whilst considering ethical issues, market conditions as well as various valuation methods.

Upon completion of their MSc in Real Estate in Summer 2021 both Zoey and Jonny will continue to be supported through their APC to become Chartered Surveyors. Brian Botting, Partner, has mentored over a dozen graduates through their APC in the last 15 years and is delighted that Zoey and Jonny are well on their way.

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A typical day in the office for Woody

8th November, 2019

Life can be pretty interesting at Miller Commercial especially when I get to go out on site inspections, all those new smells, but I also like snoozing in the office in my bed by the French doors.

I was asked to describe a typical day in the office and that normally starts at about 5:00 am when my dad (he looks nothing like me) takes me for a walk and then gives me my breakfast.  We then head into the office and I get to sit in the boot of the car and look out at the world passing by, sometimes really fast, which can be both exciting and scary at the same time.

We then walk to the office but I hate it when we get to Mansion House as dad has to disable the alarm which makes a hell of a racket. Once inside I run up to the top floor 2 or 3 steps at a time and then have a good sniff around to see if one of my work colleagues might just have dropped something in the kitchen for me to eat. They quite often hide their lunch in their bags but I am pretty good at tasting it for them if they leave it within reach.

Everyone is so friendly at Miller Commercial, they made me feel really welcome from day 1, but not all of them feed me even when I give them "the look". I have been able to inspect offices and industrial buildings but am told I can't go into shops as I am not a blind dog! I don't think I have ever met a blind dog. I have even inspected a flooded office which smelt really interesting but I always seem to get pulled away just when I want to lick the carpet.

Lunchtimes are the best time of day as my friends often slip me bits of their food although I sometimes think they feed me the bits they don't like.  I have been told off for eating some things but don't really understand why. Almost every day we go to a coffee shop so dad can read his book but they give me dog biscuits anyway so I don't mind.

The afternoon is pretty much like the morning, people rushing around playing on a strange box called a computer. I get to go for another walk most afternoons and when I get back I have a snack and a snooze. Almost before I know it I am is time to go home but my bed is so lovely and warm quite often I pretend I haven't heard the command.

I have advised on some valuations and rent reviews as well as property management inspections and if I wag my tail a lot that shows how good I think the building is. I have a unique perspective on life but when your head is only 2 feet off the ground you can't help but look at things from an alternative view point.

Life isn't boring at Miller Commercial I just wish we had more snacks and less rushing about but I expect to be back tomorrow or if not then the next day.

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Flower delivery from happy clients for Business Transfer expert Beverly Northey

30th October, 2019

Seeing a member of staff walking through the office with a flower delivery from happy clients is always a good day, and today it was our Business Transfer expert Beverly Northey with a beautiful bouquet from the owners of The Ship Inn at Par.  On 25th October Bev completed on the sale of the leasehold of this highly successful licensed freehouse and restaurant close to the popular harbour side town of Fowey and the Eden Project.

If you are thinking of selling your business, or considering buying a business, whether it is a public house, hotel, shop, cafe or indeed any going concern, Beverly would be delighted to hear from you.  You can contact her on direct line 01872 247031 or email

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A very special day for Miller Commercial at Truro RFC

29th October, 2019

Saturday saw us hold our annual sponsorship event at Truro RFC.  Attendees who packed the sponsor's bar and terrace included Partners Peter Heather, Mike Nightingale, Brian Botting and Nick Maffey plus many of Miller Commercial staff, our clients, professional network and suppliers.  It was an extra special day for our business as we were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company becoming fully independent.

The team, led by Captain (and Club Director) Ross Dennington (3rd from right above) were playing South Molton but the rain and wind couldn't stop them playing a blinding game resulting in a superb 52-5 win.

Thomas Smith, Head of Commercial Agency (left), made an eloquent and heart warming speech to thank our guests for their continued support, and to Truro RFC for their hospitality and to pay our respects to Club following the loss of two of their 'family': long time supporter Geoff Bond and club secretary Stuart Nicholls, who both sadly passed away on 9th October after battling cancer.

At the Club's request Miller Commercial and their guests did a collection in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care and Oliver Hoare, Head of Fundraising (2nd from right above) for the charity commented, "Thank you to Miller Commercial for welcoming us to their celebration of 25 years in business, marking the occasion as sponsors for Truro Rugby Club.  A collection, held for Cornwall Hospice Care raised £279.38, helping to fund 14 hours of nursing care – thank you."

A huge thank you on behalf of the Partners and staff of Miller Commercial for everyone who made this event a very memorable one.  Special thanks to bar manager Frankie Webb and player/club treasurer Luke Tidball and to Captain Ross Dennington and his team for a superb game.  We are very proud sponsors of Truro RFC!

If you would like to make a donation to Cornwall Hospice Care you can contact Oliver Hoare, Head of Fundraising on 01726 874061 / or click on the logo (left) to go to their website.

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Following Commercial Agency Surveyor Thomas Hewitt's 'Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge' in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care

8th October, 2019

Day 1 - Wednesday 2nd October:  Our commercial agency surveyor Thomas Hewitt started his 280 mile 'Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge' in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care.   Day One is Prideaux Castle near Padstow to Roscoff. 

Day 2 - Thursday 3rd October:  Thomas on his 280 mile 'Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge' riding from Roscoff to Pontivy - 90 miles in total. Good luck Thomas! 


Day 3 - Friday 4th October:  Thomas is riding 70 miles from Pontivy to Redon. The ride finishes tomorrow with 55 miles from Redon to Nantes. Below is Thomas after arriving in Pontivy.





For those who like the detail here are the Strava maps for the completed Day 1 and 2 and the routes for Day 3 and 4 for Thomas Hewitt's 280 mile 'Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge' in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care.

Update:  Thomas completed the 280 mile ‘Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge’ in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care.

The challenge started in the grounds of Prideaux Place, Padstow, North Cornwall as the sun rose on Wednesday 2nd October and ended 4 days later at the impressive Château des ducs de Bretagne, Nantes in Northwest France.

A clearly elated Thomas was thrilled to have been part of the fundraising event:

“Having only started road cycling in December after entering the event I feel so lucky to have taken part in this epic adventure for such a great cause. A big thank you to the fantastic organisers and to everyone who has helped me, whether this has been advice, encouragement or sponsorship.
My just giving page closes soon so any last minute donations would be much appreciated.”

You can help Thomas reach his fund-raising target via this link

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25 years of Miller Commercial

7th October, 2019

It was in October 1994 that founding partners Peter Heather and Terry Trevarthen completed a management buyout to create Miller Commercial.

Since then the company has gone on to become one of the South West’s largest independent commercial property agencies with a portfolio of services that ranges from sales and acquisitions to property management and valuations for all types of business, leisure and commercial properties.  Investment and Development appraisals and bespoke landlord and tenant advice is also at the core of the business.

The team has changed over the years and there are now four partners, with at various junctures Mike Nightingale, Brian Botting and Nick Maffey joining original Partner Peter Heather to form a formidable team with experience and expertise in abundance across the full commercial property spectrum, ably and enthusiastically supported by a growing team of chartered surveyors, commercial agents, accountants, management surveyors, facilities managers, valuation surveyors and support personnel.

Progression remains a key focus as Peter Heather explains:

“The professionalism, dedication, and sheer hard work of my Partners and our people over the last 25 years, together with the loyalty and trust of clients, many of whom have been with us throughout the journey, has been an extraordinary privilege.

As a student I was gifted a copy of Parry’s Valuation Tables book. Inside was a note to me: “Value with integrity.” A great note, and one I have always adhered to.

1994 now seems like a different age in so many ways but I am immensely proud of the way we have evolved, thrived, punched above our weight and led from the front as the most active agent. The reputation we have built and the joys of being recommended by others who have been pleased with our professionalism and service allows us to look forward to the next 25 years as our services are increasingly sought and offered throughout the South West and beyond.”

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Mevagissey seeing a re-surgence in business activity

30th August, 2019

One of Cornwall's best known fishing villages is seeing a re-surgence in business activity with a host of new shops opening, new traders arriving and some well-known brands opening outlets.

Mevagissey was once the centre of Cornwall’s Pilchard fishing industry and still boasts an active working harbour.

It is the centre of the town though which is witnessing a revival with several new businesses opening during the last 18 months including a new gallery for well known card company Whistlefish, the lovely business that is Fresk, and an Aladdin’s cave of antiques and interesting artefacts that is the Nautilus Gallery.

In addition the popular businesses Jenny Aves and Issey Cornwall have joined forces to share the recently refurbished former post office on the edge of St Georges Square. These are additional premises for both business.

Our Commercial Agency Surveyor Thomas Hewitt has been involved with the above transactions and is excited about what has happened:

"Demand for commercial space in Mevagissey has shot up in the last year or so from a combination of local people setting up new businesses, established businesses opening new outlets and investors seeing the potential the town offers. The momentum is still there and we have an active list of prospective tenants and purchasers, so if you are thinking of Buying, Leasing, Selling or Letting commercial space in Mevagissey please do get in touch."

You can reach Thomas on 01872 247025 or via

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Miller Commercial declared Cornwall’s 'Most Active Agent' 9 years in succession!

19th August, 2019

As one of the region’s largest and best known commercial property agents, we are delighted to have been declared Cornwall’s 'Most Active Agent' for the ninth year in succession by Estates Gazette, the industry’s leading voice on all matters in the commercial property sector.

The prestigious Estates Gazette award recognises the commercial agency which completes the most number of deals each year.

Our Head of Commercial Agency, Tom Smith commented, “To win this award for an 9th successive year is truly amazing and is testimony to our tremendously hard working team as well as the individuals, organisations and funds who have engaged our services and have enabled us to complete so many deals.

Whilst our business is ever expanding across the South West and beyond we continue to invest in people and resources across Cornwall and this award clearly recognises that. We are extremely pleased with our new, award winning website, which is aimed at connecting our customers and clients with our staff and we look forward to continued success over the coming years”.

We are here to advise on all aspects of commercial property and have specialist teams in the Commercial Agency, Business Transfer, Property Management, Valuation and Professional Services sectors as well as providing advice for those seeking or selling investment and development opportunities.  Contact us on 01872 247000 or email and we will be pleased to assist.

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Seasonal Business - Your 'Exit Strategy'

8th August, 2019

Cornwall's economy has always been heavily dominated by tourism, so it is no surprise that the County has an abundance of businesses designed to capitalise on the annual influx of holiday makers.

Seasonal businesses include everything from an ice cream kiosk on the beach to a waterfront restaurant to a 50 acre holiday park and are characterised by the fact that they generally trade between Easter and the end of October each year. That being said, many other businesses such as pubs and shops, especially those in coastal locations, are also heavily reliant on the uplift in trade during the summer months.

When operators make the decision that ‘this will be their last season’, (which is usually 3 weeks into a frantically busy  August), they typically make a mental note to contact us when things ‘quieten down’.

This is doubtless why we see the largest number of valuation enquiries in September and October, with owners looking to try to sell their business ahead of the next years’ season.  The thought process is very logical and more convenient for operators, who can then avoid juggling viewings and subsequent requests for accounts and information when they are really busy.

However, there is a major flaw to this strategy in terms of the ‘perception of the buyer’.

An increasing number of people are relocating to Cornwall from out of County, with the vast majority looking to buy, not a business, but a lifestyle.

They are picturing sun-soaked beaches crammed with happy holiday makers, all queuing up to buy ice-creams, pasties and fudge and clamouring to hire paddle boards, buy wet suits and book surfing lessons. They hear children laughing and tills ringing.

They are not the prepared for the harsh reality of a cold, wet November day with gale force winds, rough seas, closed shops and empty streets.

The end result? An illusion that is well and truly ‘shattered’, (and disillusion buyers tend to keep a tight hold on their wallets!)

As Commercial Agents, we understand that trying to sell during the busy summer months is likely to be inconvenient, however, marketing during the summer when you are over-run with customers and the sun shining, enables buyers to see ‘their  dream in reality’…it  validates their decision to ‘take the plunge’ and is the best way to achieve the optimum price for your business.

As they saying goes, ‘everything looks better in the sunshine’.

If you are thinking that ‘this is going to be your last season’ then NOW is the time to start marketing.

In an ideal world, it means you could have a buyer lined up for the end of the season, meaning you can have the benefit of the season and don’t have the ‘carry’ your overheads through the winter months at all.

If you would like a free, confidential  market appraisal, at a time convenient for you and your business, please give me, Beverly Northey, a call on 01872 247031.

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Welcome to our brand new website

1st August, 2019

As Cornwall's most active Commercial Property Agency for the last 8 years, we are delighted to have launched a brand new website.

In conjunction with full service creative agency Vitamin Cornwall (formerly Creative Edge), photographer Matt Jessop and drone videographer Mark Polson, we have developed a market leading site with a complete new look and a series of modern features, all designed to make it easy for those looking to buy or lease commercial properties or businesses to quickly and efficiently find what is available.

On the basis that people are at the heart of commercial property and business transactions there is also a significant increase on the focus of the Miller Commercial team.

Partner Mike Nightingale commented:

‘We recognise that potential clients - either buyers or sellers - undertake significant amounts of research and evaluation before they make direct contact so it is vital that our website reflects a combination of the client experience we offer alongside our depth of knowledge and expertise and growing use of cutting edge technology.’

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"Iconic" Cornwall Tourism Attraction Sells

16th July, 2019

One of Cornwall's best known tourism attractions, the multi award winning Dairyland Farm World near Newquay has been sold by Miller Commercial.

When it opened in 1975 under the guidance of the late Rex Davey, Dairyland was one of the first farm diversification tourist attractions in the country. The 60 acre site currently features an array of attraction facilities including a Cornish Heritage Museum, a nature trail, the milking parlour and the famous Bull Pen.

Current MD, Brian Anderson made comment. ‘It has been a great pleasure to have developed an attraction that has brought so much pleasure to so many locals and visitors over many years.’

New owner and MD Louise Richley commented, ‘Dairyland is an integral part of the Cornwall tourism landscape and we have very exciting plans for this opportunity to build on the excellent attraction Brian and his team have developed.’

Peter Heather, Partner at Miller Commercial added, ‘Dairyland is an iconic Cornwall tourism brand and we are delighted to have helped secure new owners.’







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Technology and the growth of Cornwall

30th May, 2019

We have been based in Cornwall in offices within a grade two listed building for all of the 25 years since we became an independent company back in 1994.

In those days technology was pretty sparse, we had telephones and fax machines but no Internet or email.

And whilst we did lots of business in Cornwall we weren’t really looking beyond the Duchy simply because everything was too far away and seemed to take forever to get to.

How things have changed.

Cornwall now has a much improved road infrastructure with the continual dualling of the A30, Cornwall Newquay airport has four daily flights to London as well as direct flights to other UK airports and parts of Europe and we have superfast broadband across 95% of the region.

Invest in Cornwall were quoted in a recent article in the Daily Telegraph saying that the tech sector in Cornwall grew by 76% between 2010 and 2018 and that Cornwall now has 935 tech businesses. I don’t know how many there were back in 1994 but I suspect it was just a handful.

Cornwall was always very well connected as far as people go but now technology has transformed that connectivity and positioned Cornwall as an amazing place to live and work.

We’ve noticed, particularly in the last two years, a significant growth in enquiries from investment companies looking for premises in Cornwall for technology-based businesses, a mix of established ones looking to relocate and start up’s with funding already in place. The Innovation centres across Cornwall are just one example of how purpose-built premises provide huge benefits in attracting businesses to Cornwall. Technology has also enabled us to operate in a much wider market with our client portfolio extending into the Midlands, across the south of England and into London.

The combination of technology and lifestyle is also helping us attract very talented people, although as I write this article we are still seeking a senior surveyor for our property management team. Interested parties please do get in touch.

As a company we have always seen technology as an opportunity for competitive advantage and more importantly as a way of continually enhancing the service we offer to our clients.

This year alone we are launching a fantastic new website, introducing drone video and photography, high quality still photography and interactive floor plans alongside 3D property tours whilst encouraging our client facing teams to use technology to work remotely.

Technology is a key driver of the Cornish business economy and with our company celebrating in 2019 twenty five years of being an independent Cornish-based business we look forward to an exciting future.

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Strong demand for industrial assets in Devon and Cornwall led to strongest Q1 in a decade.

20th May, 2019

According to the CoStar group, who monitor industrial sale volumes across the UK, investor interest in the Devon and Cornwall industrial market has picked up strongly in recent years in contrast to a wider national slowdown.That pick up has seen Industrial investment across Devon and Cornwall in Q1 2019 exceed £20 million, nearly double the amount spent in the same period in 2018.

This buoyant start to 2019 follows a busy 2018 which saw many institutional investors enter the commercial property market encouraged by a combination of positive occupier demand, limited construction, rising rents and low vacancies.

CoStar report that industrial vacancies in Devon and Cornwall currently sit just above 1% giving the region the lowest vacancy rate of all Southwest industrial markets and one of the lowest vacancy rates across the whole of the UK.

CoStar also report that on the back of this demand rents have responded with an annual growth of 3% as of April 2019.

The CoStar market report backs up the considerable surge of interest that we have had from both private and institutional investors at the start of 2019. With continued uncertainty in various investment markets commercial property is seen as an attractive way of securing good net yields, particularly with the current growing demand for industrial space. If you are thinking of disposing of industrial space then now is a very good time to go to market.

If you are looking to buy, sell or lease industrial space please do get in touch with the Commercial Agency team on 01872 247035.

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New Partner at Miller Commercial

30th April, 2019

Head of Property Management Nick Maffey has become an equity partner of Miller Commercial as of May 1st 2019.

Nick joins existing partners Peter Heather, Mike Nightingale and Brian Botting.

Nick, who joined Miller Commercial in 2009 after gaining significant experience in the national and international property management sectors within a major London property consultancy firm, commented: “I am both excited and honoured to become a partner of Miller Commercial. The firm is a superb place to work, we have some highly talented and hard-working people and the demand for our services continues to rise”.

Miller Commercial partner Peter Heather commented: “The appointment of Nick to partner signals the start of a new chapter in the firm and is another significant move forward for Miller Commercial and recognises, as we celebrate 25 years of being an independent company, our ambitions for the future. Nick has done a fantastic job in delivering our enhanced property management services to clients across the wider South West. His appointment is very well deserved.”

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Miller Commercial Staff Raise Money for Hall For Cornwall Refurbishment

29th April, 2019

On Sunday 28th April the ‘Famous Five’ from Miller Commercial joined other local businesses in supporting the transformation of Truro’s local theatre, Hall for Cornwall, by participating in a 5Km Fun Run at The Eden Project.

The Hall for Cornwall has been closed for a couple of years for refurbishment in order to transform the building to expand its capacity and support the innovative community learning and talent programmes.

Miller Commercial's Property Management team: Brian Botting, Louise Squires, Stephen Peckham, Zoey Collis and our electrical contractor from Holmans, Ian Prout, all successfully completed the challenge with Louise Squires coming second overall.

Team Captain Louise Squires said, "It was lovely to be a part of this special event and to help contribute towards our local community, it didn’t matter what age or ability anyone was the atmosphere was really great."


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Miller Commercial - Cornwall’s most active agent 8 years in succession!

18th April, 2019

Miller Commercial, one of the region’s largest and best known commercial property agents, have been declared Cornwall’s most active agent for the eighth year in succession by Estates Gazette, the industry’s leading voice on all matters in the commercial property sector.

The prestigious Estates Gazette award recognises the commercial agency which completes the most number of deals each year.

Mike Nightingale of Miller Commercial stated:

“To win this award for an 8th successive year is truly amazing and is testimony to our tremendously hard working team as well as the individuals, organisations and fund managers who have engaged our services and have enabled us to complete so many deals.

Whilst our business is ever expanding across the South West and beyond we continue to invest in people and resources across Cornwall and this award clearly recognises that.”

Miller Commercial, based in Truro, advises on all aspects of commercial property and have specialist teams in the Commercial Agency, Business Transfer, Property Management, Valuation and Professional Services sectors as well as providing advice for those seeking or selling investment and development opportunities.

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Looking to sell your hotel or guesthouse in 2019?

18th April, 2019

Here are 10 top tips top to help you sell from Graham Timmins, Miller Commercial’s Head of Business Transfer

  1. Get your ducks lined up: Plan your sale and execute; with help from your Agent organise the EPC ; consider having an Abridged P&L prepared; get copies of updated Licences (Premises / Site); any recent Planning Permission

  2. Get early advice, it may be a while before you are considering a sale and we can provide guidance as to how to prepare your property and business to go onto the market when ready

  3. Consider the time of year when planning a sale, buyers are focussed on seasonality, the signposts are Easter, Whitsun and Summer Holidays

  4. Invest in your sale, this may be financially, but will certainly require some emotional input, i.e. how motivated are you to sell, is it the right time for you to give up your home and income?

  5. Consider what level of marketing you are happy to have; i.e. high profile editorial or confidential, different approaches can be equally effective, so don’t be put off by exploring either

  6. Choose the right Agent who has experience of sales in your sector, uses all e-marketing and of course gives value for money

  7. Be patient, sometimes, businesses can take longer to sell than a house, particularly if the business has a high seasonal income uplift

  8. Consider dual marketing via a Change of Use Residential application, this can add another string to the bow

  9. Presentation of property, make good the obvious reparations

  10. Online presentation, if required and where possible address any online review issues

If you are thinking of selling your hotel or guesthouse we would be delighted to offer you our expert advice. Simply call me, Graham Timmins, on 01872 247019 or email me via

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