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4th February, 2020

The ‘Reality’ of a lifestyle change…

It seems that every time we turn on our TV these days we are bombarded by some form of ‘reality TV’, with daytime and evening schedules now crammed full of ways to improve your health, avoid cowboy builders and become a popstar, (albeit not necessarily all at once!).

Promoting the idea that happiness can be achieved through surgical procedures, fad diets or emigrating  is little more than an outlandish way to boost ratings, however, there are some programmes that take a (theoretically), less ‘sensationalist’ approach…

For most of us, (especially those of us working in a ‘Corporate’ environment), our work life balance is something we would love to improve, affording us more time with family and friends and less time behind a desk. Who doesn’t aspire to a ‘better quality of life’?

Perhaps it is not surprising then that an increasing number of these programmes are now focusing on how much better life would be if we simply ‘up sticks and move’…with a myriad of increasingly youthful presenters encouraging us to ‘Escape to the Country’…’Build a New Life in Country’…or, for the really adventurous, start ‘A new Life Down Under’.

Retiring to a quieter part of the world is something that many of us think about doing ‘one day’, (usually with the luxury of being mortgage free with a pension),  but what are your options if you want to DO IT NOW?

The likelihood is that you would need to find, not only a home, but a new way of life.

If you are looking to ditch the monotony of the ‘9-5’ and the drudgery of the endless daily commute in favour of being your own boss in a beautiful part of the world then NOW is as good a time as any…and we can help!

We currently have a huge range of business opportunities across the whole of Devon and Cornwall; from seasonal holiday parks to high street retail, traditional pubs to beachfront cafes.


Here are just a few of the opportunities we currently have available …..


For further advice about buying a business, give me a call…

Beverly Northey

01872 247031

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