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14th February, 2020

8 Top tips to help you sell your business in 2020

1. Be prepared for your buyer: Make sure you have all the relevant information and documentation ready for a buyer. Ensure your accounts are up to date, you have a valid EPC and that copies of Licences and Planning Permissions are readily available.

Why? If a buyer has to wait weeks for this they are likely to look elsewhere.

2. Invest in your sale: Make sure that the first impression you give is the right one.

Ensure front doors get a lick of paint, repairs are up to date and the business is well presented.

Why? Flaking paint and potholes in the car park are a red flag to a buyer!

3. Presentation matters: There are 1,000's of businesses available online - make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

Consider professional photography and floor plans as these can make a huge difference to the number of enquiries you get.

Why? You want buyers to view your business.

4. Timing: It helps buyers to see your business at its best, which is often when you are busy.

Plan ahead and be organised; commence marketing ahead of the season.

Why? Buyers will be actively looking at this time of year with a view to completing before the summer.

5. Be committed to selling: Try to be as flexible as you can about viewings (many buyers will travel hundreds of miles to see your business); be sure to give a buyer your time and attention.

Why? You might not get a second chance.

6. Be realistic about price: Be cautious about using an agent who produces the highest valuation and has no proven track record. You want to market at a price that attracts buyers.

Why? You want to get people through the door.

7. Work with your agent: Pick an agent you feel you can work with and who understands you and your business.

Why? Selling is a people business so go with an agent who you can trust.

8. Be patient: Businesses can take longer to sell than houses so be patient and work with your agent to keep the business fresh and attractive.

Why choose Miller Commercial to sell your business?

• A proven track record of business transfer sales
• A highly experienced and knowledgeable team
• Extensive marketing of your business
• Contacts and investors looking to buy
• High levels of personal service
• A database of proceedable buyers
• Cornwall’s most active commercial agent nine years running
• Experienced valuation experts within the company
• A team of professionals you can trust

And to back this up here are some of the businesses we have recently sold....

For help and advice about selling your business please contact Beverly Northey on 01872 247031 / email


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