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19th May, 2021

New Appointments

It is with great pleasure that the Partners of Miller Commercial announce the creation of what is thought to be the UK’s first and so far only Canine Division to be headed up by Woody Botting who has been with the company just short of 5 years. Woody has confirmed that he is delighted to have achieved his personal goal, which he set at the end of 2016, in becoming Top Dog within the new Partnership and is looking forward to passing on his experience and work ethic to the new, and in one instance not so new, kids on the block.

As for those new kids, Daisy Duckworth joins the Division and immediately been seconded to the Commercial Agency Team as a trainee negotiator under the watchful eye of our retail expert Will Duckworth and admits that she has much to learn but has ambitions to become a fee earner in due course.

Sam Collins has also joined the Canine Division to bolster the Business Transfer Team consisting of Graham Timmins, Paul Collins (related) and Jonny Bright who is due to take up his role in September. Sam is already happy that he will not be the newest recruit to the BT Team which arguably will be the largest in Cornwall.

Betsy Sawle (now 12 years old) has been with the Professional Team for a while now and boasts in depth knowledge of Public House Valuations and Leisure facilities.

Finally, a warm welcome to Bentley Roberts the youngest appointment within the Division who will be working alongside mum Louise Roberts and colleague Mark Best in the Accountancy Team. Bentley admits to struggling at times remembering numbers and multiplication is a total mystery but these are early days in his fledgling career and the Partners have no doubt that in time he will prove himself to be as valuable a resource as Louise.
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